Building Trust by Proper Corporate Communication

The proper communication of the leadership team is also extremely important to build trust within an organization. Building up trust within an organization and addressing the negative impact of distrust is an essential part of the complete trust building concept. Here a communication plan is needed and also the support coming from communication professionals might be recommended. Because “what comes out of a leaders mouth is far more telling than what the leader was thinking or intending”[1]. The proper communication thus is not only important to building trust toward the corporate culture or strategy. It is also important to building trust toward the speakers themselves. Only executives with a certain level of trustworthiness will be heard. But not only has the internal audience, the corporate staff, to trust the corporate executive. The corporate communication executives need to build trust with all audiences – internal and external. External trust is the key objective for companies, because it underpins reputation and gives the license to operate.[2]

Besides the communication coming from the leadership team, also the employees have to be heard. Regular and comprehensive feedback processes should be part of every communication strategy.

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