Skills Required for Blockchain Managers within IT

The IT leadership team needs to establish a sense of urgency for Blockchain services. If the organization’s departments can be convinced of the advantages of Blockchain, they will help and support the project to succeed.

“ is crucial that the  department gets closer to the every-day business of their organization and show them what’s possible why new internal and external services. Why the level of security provided by Blockchain services, they might be able to improve the organizations overall performance. This effect might help departments to stop being just an insecure cost center.”

The IT is getting more and more complex with every year. With the implementation of Blockchain services, the complexity might even grow during the transition phase as the IT employees then have to handle both: the old on premises infrastructure and the new Blockchain services. Additionally, as managing Blockchain services requires additional skills in the business administration area, this task can be even more challenging.

“The IT function is such an all-consuming function that it leaves little time to focus on the strategic. In reality, IT is being asked to handle two very incompatible functions: manage the inner workings of the technology, but also strategically create solutions. It’s reminiscent of the saying, ‘if you like mushroom hunting, then don’t become a birdwatcher.’ You can’t look ahead if you also need to look down […]”[1].

The following illustration will show the different skillsets needed with and without Blockchain Computing:


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