Communicating Change Toward Crypto

In order to build an understandable communication plan, the leadership team needs to setup a clear internal definition of Blockchain usage and a vision of how they see it and how they are going to use it.

The communication plan should not be too simple. This point might be contradictory with the point “keep it simple”, but finding the right balance between simplicity and complexity is an art leaders have to learn. If the messages are too simple, drilled-down and light, the employees will have the impression that the complete truth has been refrained. If the messages are too complex, the employees might think that the leadership team is hiding behind so called “buzz-words and technology babble”.

“The leadership team needs to be sure about what intellectual property (IP) they want to run on a Blockchain and what IP they want to keep in house centrally. They need to communicate, that they do need their best employees to take care about the IP that will always stay in house. […] The other employees need to receive the message that they are also needed, even if their job description will get financial management or crypto governance added.” […] “a good communication plan will reach about 60-80% of all employees, but never all of them.”

Concerning the timing of the change, primarily the duration of the change will be discussed. The decision to start introducing and using a Blockchain service within an business department can be made due to various reasons.

“A large enterprise will need a lot of time before committing a change toward Blockchain usage as a lot of security and legal concerns need to be discussed and trust has to be established first. If then a large company wants to change toward Blockchain usage, then it will be a major project involving a lot of time needed for the setup and governance. I expect such a change to take two to three years.”

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